** NEW Bi-Monthly Practice News Bulletin – Improving Patient Access**

A BIG THANKYOU to those who got the opportunity to take part in our practice survey.  We have reviewed and understood your feedback from our practice patient survey run between February and March this year.  We would like to update you on the following changes and potential benefits as a result

Shorten queuing time to speak to reception: 

Practice Change: Introducing GP telephone consultation appointments that can be booked in advance.  So when you call if all same day appointments have been filled you can opt to book a GP telephone consultation for a future date.  ** Note you will be asked via SMS 2 days prior to the appointment date if you still require this appointment.  IMPORTANT NOTE – Failure to reply within 24hrs will result in that appointment being cancelled and freed up for the next patient.    

Benefit: More appointment availability.  Should reduce phone call queue size by reducing the sheer quantity of patients calling back at the same time each day.   

Practice Change: Actively hiring receptionists to replace receptionists lost during the ongoing pandemic.  And we are going one step further by permanently increasing the numbers to handle the continuing increased phone calls during this pandemic.    

Benefit: Reduced waiting time for you our patients.  

Practice Change: Re enabling a percentage of our available appointments for Self service booking via SystmOnline. Quickly manage your medical record, prescriptions, book appointments online and prove your Covid Vaccination status sign up to the NHS APP  

I don’t always get to see my registered GP

Practice change: Introducing GP appointments that can be booked in the future.

Benefit: Increased continuity of care allowing you to experience continuous care with your registered GP.  

Reception staff should be more empathetic and polite

Practice change: Once our hiring staff campaign is complete, reception staff who work in the morning and afternoon shifts will rotate and spend 50% of their time answering phones and 50% of their time on admin and assisting with your face to face queries.  They will also adhere to a rigid break system.  

Benefit: Like you receptionists are only human.  But given the right care, rest time and attention they will provide you with the continuous dignity and care you deserve and are entitled to.  

Reception staff should be trained more

Practice change: New practice managers have now provided reception staff with documented knowledge for nearly all common queries you ask reception. Beneficial training will be part of the continuous Practice improvement program.      

Benefit: This enables our practice to provide you with consistent knowledgeable reception service. 

Top Tips & Alternative channels to phoning the practice:

  • Why queue on the phone when you can submit non urgent Online consultations via our practice website Non urgent online consultation
  • Why queue on the phone for repeat prescriptions and medication enquiries – submit via your NHS APP OR Systm Online Account   OR Visit our Practice Website and submit online Our practice aims to have completed prescription requests within 2 working days.
  • Stay in touch with the very latest practice news by visiting our practice website, Following us on Facebook and subscribing to our Youtube channel
  • Our Youtube channel lets you watch the latest Practice Videos guiding you on HOT TOPICS such as signing up to Online Consultations, what is Pre Diabetes, Importance of cancelling appointments no longer required
  • Not signed up to manage your account online? – SIGN UP to NHS APP for  Appointment booking,  cancel appointments. Medication requests.  View your patient record. Get health advice.  Prove Covid Vaccination for travel abroad…and more.