Telephone Messages to your Doctor

Our practice implements a message system that ensures the doctor is made aware that a patient has a query which they would like to discuss over the phone.

The message is triaged into either urgent where the message is left on the doctor’s computer screen or non-urgent where the message is left in the message diary. If your doctor is not available another doctor will be recommended.

If the patient insists on speaking to a specific doctor who is off site, an internal e-mail will be sent to the doctor and the patient informed that this may not be dealt with on the same day.

Messages which are deemed urgent by the doctor will be dealt with as soon as possible. Non-urgent messages and those left in the diary will be reviewed and dealt with after clinic time.

If the patient is very keen to speak to the doctor in person, then they are welcome to call at then end of each surgery when a doctor will always be available. In addition we do have a number of telephone consultations available each day.

Out of hours call 111