Services & Clinics

Here are a list of the services and clinics we provide

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         Diabetic Clinic - Every Thursday morning and afternoon. Most of these appointments are not pre-bookable. Patients will receive a letter with an appointment when their diabetic review is due. This clinic is only available at Blenheim.

         Baby Clinic - Every Wednesday afternoon, 1:30pm - 3:30pm at Blenheim Medical Centre. At The Link Surgery baby clinic will alternate fortnightly every Thursday with COPD clinic. 9:30am - 12 noon.  These appointments are for routine childhood immunisations and are not pre-bookable.  Parents/guardians will receive a letter with an appointment when the immunisations are due.

       Telephone Consultations - Most days we will have a clinic in the morning for telephone consultations only. The patient will leave their name, contact number and problem and the doctor will call them back that morning. We have a couple of appointments blocked each day to allow the doctor to consult them face to face if need be. These appointments are pre-bookable. They are available at both surgeries.

         COPD Clinic (Asthma) - This clinic alternates fortnightly each Thursday with The Link Surgeries Baby Clinic. 9:30am - 12:00 noon. These appointments are pre-bookable. This is for asthma reviews only and the clinic is only available at The Link Surgery.  

        Chronic Disease Clinic - We will hold two Chronic Disease clinics each Thursday. 1:00pm - 3:30pm. This clinic is only available at Blenheim.

         Walk-In Clinic - We hold a walk-in clinic at least 3 days a week for one acute problem per patient only.  This clinic is only available at Blenheim.  Two unspecified doctors will call patients on a first come, first serve basis. These appointments are not pre-bookable. These appointments last for 5 minutes. We will hold one afternoon clinic running from 1:00pm - 3:30pm a week -mainly on a Monday - and at least two more morning walk-in clinics on various days. Please ask reception staff for more information.

        Phlebotomy Clinic - Mon to Thurs from 9:10am - 12:30pm at Blenheim.  Every Weds, 9:15 - 12:00 noon at The Link Surgery. These are 10 minute appointments for routine blood tests. These appointments are pre-bookable.

         Menorrhagia Clinic - Most Fridays ( this varies so please ask reception staff for more info ).  9:30 - 12:20pm. These appointments are pre-bookable.

       Midwife Clinic - Every Thursday. 9:00am - 1:00pm & 2:00pm - 5:00pm. This is only available at Blenheim.