PRG Annual Review 2014

PRG Annual Review 2014


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Patient Reference Group (PRG)- Annual Report 2014


The Biscot Group Practice has always recognised that involvement by and feedback from our patients is the best way to improve our services to patients and helps us to provide the services that our patients want. In order to involve our patients fully, in 2011 we set up a formal Patient Reference Group and because we know that our patients have busy lives we took the decision to run the group as a ?Virtual? group- this means that we communicate with the participating patients by email (or by post if preferred).
We are planning to hold an actual ?face to face? meeting with our members and are currently in the process of finding out if any of our group members would be interested in attending. We are hoping to hold regular meetings if this is something that our group members would like

Our Practice Profile

Biscot Group Practice currently has approx. 11?193 patients- we have a very young patient population with 12% of all our patients being under the age of 5 years and 62% of all our patients being under the age of 35 years, only 7% of our patients are aged 65 years or over. 51% of our patients are Male and 49% Female. The largest segment of our population is Asian/ Asian British, with White and Black/Black British being the next largest segments of our patient population. Our practice population is made up of people from all walks of life- Working, Unemployed, Students, Mums at home taking care of their families and retired people.

Our Patient Reference Group Profile

Our Patient Reference Group currently has 36 members- see details below for the makeup of the group

Age Groups:






















Asian/Asian British

Black/Black British

Chinese or other ethnic group






None of our group is currently a carer

25% of our group has a Long Term Condition

Our group is compiled of people from all walks of life- and reflects our Practice population

Recruiting Registered Patients

In order to get the widest possible range of views we attempted to recruit patients from every group within our patient population. Understanding the demographics of our established community made it relatively simple to ensure that there was a true representation of our surgery?s registered population. A brief questionnaire which identified age, sex and ethnicity was distributed to all patients wishing to join our Patient Reference Group and this ensured that we had true representation. Along with the invitation to join the group patients were provided with a FAQ sheet to dispel any myths and answer any questions

We used the following methods to recruit patients from every group within our patient population

  • Using our knowledge of patients and contacting those we thought may be interested in joining
  • GPs broaching the subject with patients during consultations
  • Posters and leaflets in the waiting room
  • Messages printed on prescriptions
  • Invitation to join displayed on TV screen in the waiting room
  • Details of the group and an application form is included in our registration packs
  • Details and application form available on our website- our website has the option of Google translate for those patients where English is not their first language


The compilation our group naturally, given the makeup of our practice, was initially mainly young Asian/Asian British patients- so to try and encourage participation by other groups of patients the Partners, Practice Manager and Patient Support Services Manager approached different segments of the practice population by post and phone to invite them to join, in addition GPs spoke to patients in under represented groups during consultations to encourage them to join

Priorities for the Survey and how they were agreed

In January 2014 we decided to run a Local Patient Survey looking at various areas of the practice and the service we offer, the reason for the Survey was so that we could find out what our patients think and to give them the opportunity to shape and improve the services we provide. In order to ensure that we were focussing on the areas that are important to our patients we contacted our Patient Reference Group by email or post as per their preference, to ask them their priorities for the survey and giving some examples of possible areas that they might wish to include. Once we had received feedback from the group and it was clear which areas we should look at we ran the Survey

Method and Results of the Survey

The Survey we used was provided and analysed by Intime Data- a long established company with many years? experience in running surveys for General Practice. The Survey was run over a period of 4 weeks at the beginning of 2014 to give us plenty of time to collect completed surveys. Surveys were handed out at our Blenheim and Link surgery to patients attending the practice- Reception staff and Clinicians encouraged patients to fill in the survey and explained to them the reason why we were running the Survey. The Survey was available electronically on our website and we also sent the survey to all members of our Patient Reference Group by email or post as per their preference

Completed surveys were sent to Intime Data who analysed the data and provided us with reports. See below for a summary of results for Biscot Group Practice (Blenheim Medical Centre and The Link Surgery)

Summary of results for Blenheim Medical Centre

Summary of results for Link Surgery

These results have been displayed in our waiting rooms and copies have been sent to our PRG electronically or by post as per their preference

Action Plan resulting from the survey and how it was agreed

The Partners, Practice Manager and Patient Support Services Manager of the Biscot Group Practice met to discuss the findings from the survey and to propose possible actions to address the issues highlighted.
We then contacted our PRG with our proposals for action asking for feedback and any suggestions- this was done by email, telephone or post as per their preference and patients were also given the opportunity to discuss their comments with our Patient Support Services Manager

Proposed actions were agreed by the PRG on 19/3/14- no comment from a group member was considered to be approval

The actions proposed by the practice and agreed by the PRG are

Our Patients Said

We Propose to?

  1. That they would like to be able to get through on the phone more easily

Install new software which gives us a ?real time? view and allows us to monitor a range of data from incoming telephone calls including looking at volumes of calls coming in at specific times, how long calls are waiting to be answered, how many calls are waiting- this will help us to identify the busiest times and plan cover for these times.

Employ 2 extra reception staff and train more admin staff to be able to take phone calls away from the reception area during busy periods- giving us extra phone cover

  1. That they would like to be able to get a routine appointment more easily

Employ another lady GP on a temporary basis with a view to making this permanent

  1. That they would like it to be easier to see a GP on the same day if it is urgent

Alter the ratio of same day to book in advance appointments to match the needs of the different patient populations at Blenheim and Link

Continuously monitor and amend ratio where necessary

Management team to have a monthly access meeting to discuss progress and implement required changes

  1. That they would like to be able to speak to a GP on the phone more easily

Arrange a ?telephone? slot for each partner every day, at staggered times throughout the morning- to use for telephoning patients who have requested this

Progress made with the Action Plan

  1. Patients would like to be able to get through on the phone more easily- New software installed and monitored daily, new reception staff in place, training of admin staff underway
  2. Patients would like to be able to make a routine appointment more easily- Female Locum GP now in place
  3. Patients would like it to be easier to be seen by a GP on the same day if urgent ? Ratio of same day-book in advance appointments changed and monitored daily. Access Meetings in place with dates arranged for the coming 12 months
  4. Patients would like to be able to speak to a GP on the phone more easily ?Telephone? slots for partners now in place


Blenheim Medical Centre- Telephone: 404012 is open?.- Monday 8:00am- 8:00pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00am- 6:30pm,
Wednesday 8:00 am- 3:30pm (telephone access until 6.30pm)
Reception doors open at 8:30 am; however, there is telephone access from 8:00am every day

Link Surgery- Telephone : 420788 is open ?..- Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8:00am- 6:30pm, Wednesday 8:00am-8:00pm,
Thursday 8:00am-2:30pm-(telephone access until 6.30pm)
Reception doors open at 8:30am; however, there is telephone access from 8:00am every day

Surgery Times
We hold a variety of different surgeries and clinics throughout the day, every day throughout the week- please contact reception or look at our website for more details of surgeries and times

Patients can access appointment with Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, and Phlebotomists by telephoning the Surgery, by calling in to the Surgery or by booking online
Outside of these times please call 111 (free from landlines and mobiles) - this number is advertised on our out of hours message on the telephone, on our website, on the front door of our surgery and on various notice-boards around the practice

Out of Hours arrangements are detailed in the out of hours phone message, they are also detailed in the practice leaflet and on the website