PRG REPORT 2015 part 3

PRG REPORT 2015 part 3

Priority area 2


Description of priority area:


Improve waiting times in the waiting room




What actions were taken to address the priority?


Audit of GP actual starting times

Implemented earlier start times for some GPs

Scrapped walk in clinic (sit and wait) and replaced with Same Day Access Clinic (specific timed appointments)

Improved communication by training reception staff to inform patients if there is a wait for a specific GP and offer options if appropriate






Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):


We identified which GPs were regularly late starting clinic and addressed the problem resulting in clinicians starting early or on time 95% of the time and patients  waiting for less time to be seen, patients perception of waiting times has improved with the GPs starting on time, patients are kept better informed if a clinic is running late and given a reason why this is the case, patients are offered options if appropriate


Publicised by various posters, leaflets and emails





Priority area 3


Description of priority area:


Improve continuity of care




What actions were taken to address the priority?


Implemented a ?One Stop Shop? approach, implemented ?multi disease clinics? where a GP and Nurse work side by side to identify patients on multiple disease registers, summarise patient notes and put together a comprehensive management plan then deal with all issues in one extended appointment- saving the patient being called back numerous times and ensuring that one GP deals with all the patient?s needs, implemented ?anticipatory care? slots where our Associate Practitioner continuously monitors the list of patients waiting and  opportunistically calls them in to action any outstanding health issues- this may include qof alerts.  GPs seeing a patient for another issue may opportunistically book patients into these slots- this saves patients having to come back multiple times

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

Patients are able to see one GP to address all their LTCs- reducing number of times they have to visit the surgery and improving patient satisfaction, patients attend the practice less frequently freeing up appointments, patients able to have all health issues addressed in one visit






Progress on previous years


If you have participated in this scheme for more than one year, outline progress made on issues raised in the previous year(s):

Patients now offered online booking of appointments and online ordering of repeat prescriptions

We now hold 5 lunchtime clinics per week

We now have 9+ sessions of female GP time per week

New software installed giving us a real time dashboard  to monitor and analyse telephone answering, we have employed extra reception staff to cover busy periods and have configured our phone system and trained admin staff so that we have additional phone answering cover when the lines are busy

Telephone slots are in place daily for GPs and are used for patients who wish to speak to a GP by phone

Partners and other key members of staff hold monthly access meetings to address access issues and review/amend actions implemented

Selected staff monitor access and ratio of appointments continuously throughout the day and have been given the authority to make amendments if necessary